Timeline and Historical Events of Vaxia

This information is in the process of being update

Time moves forward in Vaxia just like it does in our own world. One day in our reality is also one day for the game setting. The game setting never pauses its time flow either, it keeps moving.

To figure out which year it is in game, it is 1000 + the current year. So if the current year was 2015, then the year in Vaxia would be 3015.

The following timeline is of the more notable and major events that occur in the game setting of Vaxia.

To find out more about all events that occur in game go to the Vaxia Session List or the Session Report forums for Vaxia.

BNC = Before The Namori Cataclysm
AC = After the Namori Cataclysm

Most dates before 3004 are approximate

Age of the Namori

  • c. at least 50BNC - Namori Civilization spans the world. Namori language spoken.
  • c. 40BNC - Work on the first Portal Network begins.
  • c. 8BNC - Necromos born in Aryanthia.

Age of Chaos
  • The Namori Cataclysm occurs. Several years later things settled and the survivors begin rebuilding.

Current Age
  • c. 0-50 AC - The Shepherd King has his kingdom in the area that is present day Arpaksad Dwarves claim and occupy the caverns of Kundul Mountain. Humans begin to gather and form what would later become the cities of Miser Muratori, Njordstrom Njaradbad, Kiotoi Yungue and Belrun Vaxian, Inkahani, Candenordian languages begin to be spoken, replacing Namori language.
  • c. 25AC - Necromos finds the texts of Averatos in the ruins of Tesaria
  • c. 30AC - The Tribe of the Half Moon rules near Muratori. The Red Priests of Phrea Fromme rule what would become Jorkana and begin construction on the fire city of Akraburz.
  • c. 50AC - Kane Foraiya takes control of the Half Moon Tribe. He conquers Kundul, founds the citadel of Gro-Kane, and loots Crystal Towers.
  • c. 51AC - Necromos takes control of the Red Priests. They conquer Gro-Kane, turning it into Grokul. Kane retaliates, conquering Jorkana and razing Akraburz.
  • c. 52AC - Kane conquers the Groms.
  • c. 53AC - Necromos's Orcs conquer the Groms. Kane flees to the Northern Peninsula, takes refuge in Kanestronia Cathedral and founds the city of Ramsalon there, declaring himself Emperor of Vaxia.
  • c. 80AC - Kane dies peacefully. His son takes over.
  • c. 110AC - Kane's grandson Ramsen I becomes Emperor.
  • c. 115AC - Ramsen razes Ghuundagor in the First Orc War
  • c. 140AC - Ramsen's son Minos becomes Emperor.
  • c. 145AC - Minos locks a large group of Bloody Shroud Vampires in the prison of Grokul. Their leader, Don Julian, an apprentice of Necromos works changes on the vampires, turning them into the first LanCorians and himself into the first Coriander. They eventually escape Grokul and settle in nearby Tesaria.
  • c. 150AC - Necromos and Minos kill each other over two of the Elemental Scepters Necromos becomes an arch-lich.
  • c. 200-1000AC - Vaxia's Golden Age. Orcs resettle Ghuundagor. Necromos settles in Shi Inkahan.
  • c. 1200AC - Emperor Jhad razes Muratori.
  • c. 1490AC - Azrael Hajh becomes Emperor, suppresses freedom of expression and anything he deems "un-patriotic".
  • c. 1500AC - The Great Pilgrimage of Candenord 1502AC - Emperor Hajh killed by Karrk, his court sorcerer.
  • c. 2000AC - Iskrania founded by Kosmo for dwarves and humans fleeing from Emperor Ramsen II. Drago lived.
  • c. 2100AC - Necromos returns to Vaxia. He and Kosmo merge, creating the Children of Kosmo The Vaxian Empire attacks Iskrania (now supposedly defenseless without their protector god) again, but is defeated by Kosmo's Line In The Sand.
  • c. 2250AC - Saint Polonius prophesizes in Iskrania.
  • c. 2700AC - Xiao Matsuzawa rules Shi Inkahan, defeats the Lom-Ka
  • c. 2783AC - Gaunth houses werewolves, vampires, orcs, and other undesirables in his manor in Ramsalon. The Emperor kills everyone in the house - only Eifax and Malio : Samdi Maliö I escape. Gaunth is executed on the Black Ropes
  • c. 2900-2930AC - Ronham Emperor.
  • c. 2930AC - Wyndham becomes Emperor. Arpaksad and Ish Lavin founded in preparation for wars with Candenord and Shi Inkahan that never happened.
  • c. 2945 - Northern Candenord suffers a terrible long, cold winter that kills thousands.
  • c. 2950 - Antioch forms the Knights Aleator in Iskrania.
  • c. 2955 - Antioch creates the Yeeks then vanishes mysteriously.
  • c. 2980AC - The Drads assassinate Wyndham. Balcazar becomes Emperor, falls into a coma. First General Augustus Razzaine takes control of the Vaxian Empire.
  • 2985AC - The Frankel Institute founded in Iskrania
  • c. 2999AC - The Darkest Night
  • 3002AC - The Second Orc War. Ghuundagor razed.
  • 3003AC - Victory City founded on the ruins of Ghuundagor. Gaunth returns as a Children of Kosmo : Son of Kosmo and founds GHOUL
  • 3004AC - The Followers of Light crush most of the other churches in Iskrania, then declare war on GHOUL. The Nethar have a major civil war, refugees settle in GHOUL.
  • 3005AC - Gaunth dies. Antioch returns to Iskrania, retakes control of the Knights Aleator, and defeats and assimilates all remaining large churches in Iskrania other than the Followers of Light.
  • 3006AC - Queen Anne born. Razzaine and Merguth vanish. Balcazar wakes up from his coma, assumes control of the Vaxian Empire. Meriadoch becomes Governor of Arpaksad, Kire Cordock becomes First General. The Purple Death strikes Ramsalon.
  • 3007AC - The Purple Death is cured. Vorkosigan is "born".
  • 3008AC - Overpass Portal between Ramsalon and Ish Lavin opens. The Alchemist and Vorkosigan successfully conspire to reopen the Nagatin Gate, allowing a flood of oni into Shi Inkahan, beginning the Fifth Oni War.
  • 3009AC - The war between GHOUL and the Followers of Light ends.
  • 3011AC - Xiao Ken assassinated. Deaths of Architects Daylia Massencourt and Gileas Greyreach Several other Architects go missing.
  • 3012AC - The Nagatin gate is closed, ending the Fifth Oni War. The Yeeks leave the Vaxian Continent
  • 3013AC - Shi Inkahan invades the Vaxian Empire in the Naga Nori War The Mage Hunters trash the The Mage Guild
  • 3014AC - The Shi Inkahan Empire begins helping its new territories to rebuild. The Mage Guild removes their Architects from power and elects a new set of Architects. GHOUL begins annexing Victory City into its territory.
  • 3015AC - The Blaze tries to take their revenge upon the Wood Clan for their part in the Second Orc War but was stopped before the damage became too great.
  • 3016AC - Current Year