Sirian Session - Heading Home

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Sirian Session - Heading Home


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It was time to go home

After months of delays, the comm probe project was finished and the last checkpoint of the Taramar station had been repaired and brought up to line as well.

With the comm probe done, and engineered to last longer than previously expected, that left them time to repair the last checkpoint which had been damaged by asteroids. The checkpoint finished, meant that the lizard-like creatures known as the Quin'elthen would formally come into alliance with fleet.

That also gave them time to bring the Perun up and the Gjitocken as well. The Gjitocken was to be run by a skeleton crew from fleet, and the Perun was gifted to those rescued from the Gargorian homeworld. They had been receiving training to run the ship with the assistance of a volunteer crew from Fleet.

After giving final farewells and a victory lap around Taramar Station, the fleet set up to begin dropping comm probes on the way home.

The first comm probe was dropped off without incident, and that done, the leaped into compress space for two more days.

They dropped out of compression space to deliver the second comm probe. The Joy Rider was towing the probe into place with a small fleet of fighters, just in case.

Scans begin to filter in.. something was up, something was out there.... and it turns out, there was a Mutaren fleet waiting for them, and then the battle began...

Quickly the ships began to be overwhelmed by the surprise attack, but they would begin firing back...

more to come


everyone received 1S, 2 gen.. except Aatishon, since she's my C.. and I can't get XP

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Sunday, June 9, 2013
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