Secrets have a way of coming out...

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Secrets have a way of coming out...
Characters involved: 

It was to be just another day on the station, with people seeming to have some semblance of normal come around into their lives. Dinner was no exception to this as the evening crowd had hit the Dining Area of Section B, including Jake, Skittles and Carver.

They were having a bit of a meal and some conversation, when a small crowd seem to start to form. Not entirely unusual, after all people may be celebrating their favorite sportsball event, or talking about their recent gaming conquests or competition, but Jake noticed a bit more...and the tone was not all that friendly, and something about it just put him right on edge. He struggled to get a better view...but soon the crowd started to get a bit more rowdy which got the attention of Carver and Skits. Skits went to scamper off to help the people fight the man, while Caver could see this whole bit was over a single person, Jake got a line on the cameras and saw something that he never thought he would see again.
A man, late middle age, dressed in a bloodied and torn Bolivnia military uniform - their old style...the one they had when they took down South Ridge.

This naturally started stuff as people became divided, while few tried to keep everyone calm and remove the man.

Jake, Carver and Skits made their way. Skits did some background checking on the man to ruin his reputation, she found out his name was Brian Druden, and was a low level lab tech in the agriculture division. While Jake and Carver went to try and help diffuse the situation before things got really bad... and that is when they saw it.

Brian had a bomb strapped to his chest.

Jake and Caver kept the man talking, but something seemed off both mentally and physically. The guy was lucid, but he just wasn't quite all there any more. As time went on he got sicker... and was soon even coughing up blood. As they tried to move him away from the main crowd and some place they could put him, for they when they tried to remove him from the dining area - the security doors were activated locking everyone into the dining area.

Skittles tried to see if she could get into the device that might control the bomb, and found that someone else was in on this as well, and found a timer.

Jake and Carver kept Brian talking, and all he could do was ramble, about how South Ridge wasn't the innocent victim that people were making it out to be. He talked of his little sister that was in a small town called Meleti, and it was a victim of a bioweapons attack by South Ridge. Then showing his disgruntle as well for the other side, he tells them the uniform he is wearing is that of his brother, whom died in South Ridge... all that mess and for what. But he tells them of the Bio weapons program that was developed by South Ridge and a specific project, 75A-114 - which was a project that came about as the South Ridge scientists were messing around with the unlife strain. This was the catalyst that lead to the invasion of South Ri

Pictures and files were sent to everyone's datapad of the situation, showing the twisted bodies of the citizens of Meleti, looking like a kind of unlife, and all just laying in the streets.. Then files that looked to be recovered from the ruins of South Ridge as well as documents that Bolivnia had gotten a hold of in the time before their invasion. With some of those pictures even projected onto one of the walls of the dining area.

Then Jake and Carver tried to get Brian into the freezer, in the hopes that when he decided to pull the trigger, it would be contained. But Brian managed to dodge the attempt...and the bomb went off anyways, and not by Brian's doing - there was a puppeteer. The bomb was designed to destroy just the single person and spread him around in the hopes of infecting everyone else in the room. With the message of:
[We have warned you all so long that all of them were corrupt... They thought they destroyed us, but they were wrong. Retribution, will be had. They all will pay.]

Now Jake and Skittles turned their attention to the second figure in all of this, tracking them down - after all if they were going to die, they were taking the puppeteer with them. However the other side was good...and familiar, as Jake soon found out...bringing back some memories of the mutiny on the ship...though so much more.
(note: Retribution used to be one of the most known terrorist organizations in the world - they attacked all nations, relentlessly. Though it was believed they were taken down, just as the fleet was leaving Sirian. This is common knowledge.)

Carver helped find some showers to allow some people get cleaned up, and then turned attention to the power systems as Skittles and Jake had zeroed in that they were somewhere in Section- D. While people seemed to be succumbing to some of the effects...a little fever, feeling queasy...this was not going to be fun.

Jake turned to taunting the puppeteers, especially after the quip about the old man not being around to save him. This was the edge the needed, and the other side slipped up allowing them to get a firm connection in, and their precise location. Carver was able to direct them through a remote shut down of some of the power systems in order to try and lock them into section D - but as Jake got into the camera feeds...he found that these people were good...really damn good. There were crews working in the section and everyone had on full suits, so identities could not be discerned...enough of a crowd that if people acted naturally enough they could blend in, and enough shuttle traffic as tehy were working on some of the heavier stuff that - there was just too much and he couldn't' see anything odd.

Except for one smashed datapad.

Though by then the other side had unplugged, and they couldn't get them. SO now, they wanted for the medical personal to work their mojo after communications had been re-established. Some started feeling better, others started to seem to get worse...

Then good news... when Brian had gone, he was not infectious. THey would not be getting sick, beyond what their own minds and bodys had tricked them into thinking.

With control of the doors restored, they got those open and medical rushed in to help get everyone cleaned up, and taken care of.

But some damage has already been more ways then one.

Though now some questions and concerns:
South Ridge's Bio Weapons program has been revealed - they kept it hidden from everyone, even their allies. And was trying to experiment on the unlife strain.
Project 75A -114 : a highly volatile version of the unlife strain, that they used as a bioweapon.
Meleti - was the town that was in the Bolivnia nation that South Ridge used as their first live test of project 75A-114
Retribution is still going, and seems to have ties to the fleet, or at least an attempted mutiny that occurred in the fleet.
So what does this mean for the treatise body?
And what the hell is Retribution still doing being active?

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