Mutaren Predator Call - Test 1

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Mutaren Predator Call - Test 1
Characters involved: 

It was time to test the Mutaren Predator Call that Ciel, Darcy and Aatishon had created.

The group was collected to represent their departments and for safety, (aatishon, darcy, ciel, tarae, yalara, jesira), and as the testing was about to start Commander Corvan let them know that he would be arriving. He showed up, locked down the room on his authorization and let them know the test would be expanded to include not only Tarae, but himself, and a Gargorian.

After a protest, that he was ordering Aatishon to do it, he agreed to relent and allow them to find someone else.

Tarae was first up for the test, and it worked effectively. Tarae was crippled on the correct settings and then he was able to heal himself after they had their results.

Corvan then stepped in to get tested and Ciel did as well, before Jesira asked her to step out. After the test, they were perfectly fine.

Aatishon then stepped in, despite the protests of others, and Corvan set the test off on her. The Gargorian was fine, until the crippling setting in which it seemed that her ears were popping.

With the tests done, the next step was for CID to beat the machine up to simulate field damage, then give it back to the three to repair, fix and compensate.

After that, would be a holoroom test, on pain settings.

Slow post rp in Extravia Holoroom One 6/28-7/5/13


Aatishon: None, as she is my C, we should change that policy
Darcy: 1S, 1C
Ciel: 1S, 1C
Jesira: 1S, 1C
Tarae: 1S, 1C
Yalara: 1S, 1C

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Friday, June 28, 2013
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