Knock Knock

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Knock Knock


Characters involved: 

Alarms rang out across Section B, accompanied by a call for all available personnel to help retake a biolab that had been 'seized.'

Arriving at the scene, the group quickly learned that 'Harley,' one of the lab techs, had incapacitated his fellows and tossed them into the hall, along with the specialist who tried to help. He then sealed the emergency doors to the lab, all without saying a word. This particular lab was largely used for large-scale simulations, and so had a large bank of high-powered servers for some severe big data crunching - all of which were being solidly overclocked when the group arrived.

Jacking into the hardline outside, Jakob and Bryan started working on getting in on the electronic end while SAMI and Johnson helped the specialist start to pry the door open to get inside and Tarae scanned the room. The two computer techs soon discovered that Harley, a metalborn android, was being controlled by a surprising strong signal originating from the planet's surface.

The others got the door open as Tarae teleported into the superheated room. Hurrying across to where Harley was plugged directly into the lab's console preparing a massive data packet to send to the same location he had been hacked from, the elfin dodged the first of two surgical lasers, but took the other in the back. Somehow, miraculously, the precision shot completely missed all vital organs on its way through.

Bryan was able to disable one of the lasers electronically while SAMI's rifle took out the mount for the other, giving them time to deal with the situation inside. Johnson reenabled Harley's wireless adapter to allow him to control him like a drone just as SAMI and Tarae were pulling the main hardline keeping him controlled from the planet below. Meanwhile, Jake was able to determine the point of origin for the massive datapacket and its nature. It contained population data, military complement and technical specs for the station, and it looked to be aimed at a large, mobile server room somewhere over the Great Forest.

The moment the hardline was removed from Harley, the power spiked in the room and all the servers reset. The signal was killed from the planetary side, and Johnson was able to wrest control of the android, putting him in stasis while they figured out what went wrong. While they were all hard at work determining if there was still a sleeping threat somewhere in the code in either the android or the servers, the nearby console powered back on, and a recorded message from 'Harley' spoke to them about a "paradise," an "infinite mindscape." It talked about the world dying, and a solution - "his" solution. The message's parting word referenced the enigmatic Mecha King.

As the message winked out, they were able to determine that all systems were safe. The android chassis had been reset to factory settings. The AI that was Harley is now gone, perhaps in the same datastream it sent to the planet below.

S.A.M.I. - 2W, 2X
Johnson - 2S, 2X
Tarae - 2M, 2X
Jakob - 2S, 2X
Bryan - 2S, 2X
Pepper - 4X

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