How to Survive a Booknado

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How to Survive a Booknado
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There was a bit of commotion by the portals to Victory City and GHOUL. It was late evening, and while most people were headed home or on last minute errands, a bit of a traffic jam had formed by the portal to Victory City. A wagon had lost it's wheel and caused a complete backup all the way down the street while it was repaired. Luckily Izzlepix happened to be heading by and with some quick intervention he helped get the wagon back on it's wheels and moving again.

Amidst all the commotion, a small girl is going overlooked. Piper offers her help, but the little girl seems too scared to do much other than stay rooted to the spot. Soon Moreaaiwe, Seryi, and Col find their way over and the little girl explains that she ran but that she needs to get home to save her grandpa. Piper had a moment of confusion about Izzlepix, but it was soon resolved, and they all found themselves on their way through the portal.

As they reached the young girl's house, it was discovered that it was actually a shop. One where the first floor sold books, and the second floor was a living area. What awaited them was a whirlwind of books and papers. Toward the back, they could see an old Nethar man half covered by books, and very badly injured. The little girl tried to get in, but got knocked back, and Moreaaiwe and Seryi convinced her to let them help without going in to get injured herself.

Piper dove in, but got clocked in similar fashion to the young girl, finding herself a mortal enemy in that book. She tried attacking it again, but it flew away and taunted her. Seryi and Izzlepix got to work pulling down the doors before fashioning a hell of a shield around themselves. Col found the source of the problem and started to weaken the curse with her magic. Moreaaiwe saved Piper from a hell of a hit from a book with a well timed shield.

Piper continued her assault on the booky nemesis, that stayed out of reach. But she was saved by the last of Moreaaiwe's shielding effects from any damage. Col weakened the curse even more, until it was at around half the strength it had been at. Moreaaiwe helped calm the little girl down, and learned that it had started suddenly that evening while her grandpa was working. Seryi and Izzy took the newly created "Book Blocker Xpress" (patent pending) and got to the girl's grandpa in the nick of time. Luckily he was still breathing when they arrived.

That darn book eluded Piper, luring her into the wall for a faceful of plaster and furthering it's commitment to evil. Seryi pulled the old man out using the well crafted invention, and Col and Izzy finished the spell off with a one two punch of physical and magical damage. Moreaaiwe got the little girl thinking (and looking) about something other than her grandpa so that she wouldn't see him in any pain.

The book nemesis falls under Piper's Scythe in an act of literary carnage never before seen in the world. Moreaaiwe and Col heal him up very well, and the old man opens his eyes and asks for his granddaughter. Seryi meanwhile does an absolutely exquisite job of getting the little girl to pay attention to him and not what they were doing to help her grandpa. Little Asa's super enamored with Seryi.

The man awakens and is reunited with Asa. He thanks the heroes, and they each get a hug from a very happy Asa. After a bit of talk, they all head their separate ways to finish up their evening plans. They've all got some very grateful new friends.

Izzlepix- 1Gxp, 1Ixp, 2xp
Moreaaiwe- 1Gxp, 1Mxp, 2xp
Piper- 1Gxp, 1Pxp, 2xp
Seryi- 1Gxp, 1Ixp, 2xp
Somerled- 1Gxp, 1Mxp, 2xp

[Note: Thank you for an absolutely fantastic session! I had a blast!]

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Monday, February 16, 2015
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