The Frankel Institute Tour

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The Frankel Institute Tour


Characters involved: 

Lead by Doctor Aureant, Lady Kavia and Winda (as Blue) arrived at the GHOUL Embassy in Iskrania and made their way, just after nightfall, to the Frankel Institute. The institute is on a massive property in the sixth ring of the city, and is comprised of a sizable vineyard, some textile buildings, and a compound that is the institute.

They are lead onto the grounds by Annabelle, a sundress wearing worker, then introduced to Barbara, the secretary. She sends word that they are there, and Les Danstrome the founder comes out and shakes hands. He is greatly appreciative that they have come, and genuinely flustered and humbled. He talks, he shows them around, he introduces them and gives them the full tour.

Once upstairs, he is going to show them one of the therapy sessions they undertake with someone who has never 'expressed' magical ability, despite having genetic markers for it. Winda is sent away by Lady Kavia to go to the study to begin pulling research documents for them.

Winda, goes, instead, to the Alchemy Lab after sneaking about and avoiding students.

Upstairs, Doctor Aureant, Lady Kavia and Danstrome sit in on an 'encouragement session' where a subject is chatted up, given praise, instruction and fawned over by two student researchers, while supplying him with elemental objects. In time, he actually is able to express his ability through spinning water in a glass. Everyone is suitably amazed, and gradually they move him towards trying a larger amount of water. This is all documented by the researchers.

However, they are cut short when an antimagic field washes over the institute, and so they move on towards the tinkering lab, where he shows them devices they have worked on, including an antimagic field detector, and a magic potential device. The magic device does not work in antimagic fields, but the antimagic detector will tell the flow of the antimagic, and the strength allowing them to make predictions.

That done, and plenty of questions about processes, the founding of the institute, and therapy sessions, they move downstairs to eat dinner.

Winda, meanwhile, had made her way into the alchemy lab and the completely oblivious students worked on a love potion. As the antimagic field was moving in, they decided to tinker and made a triple strength potion. It worked... distracting them even more. Winda stole a pamphlet on antimagic, and then found a cabinet that was locked and labeled restricted. Instead of breaking in, leaving, knocking out students, she decided to talk to the students.. and seduced them. Exchanging making out with them for questions answered. She found out about them, some about the institute, some about antimagic, then the cabinet. She eventually won them over, and they agreed to give her something from the cabinet. A secret flower that was grown in an antimagic field, and supposedly not known to anyone, and used to distill antimagic potions for therapy sessions.

After a last round of making out, Winda got the students to escort her out, and they all played it off as her being given a tour.

Doctor Aureant, deciding to find Winda, excused himself while Lady Kavia and Danstrome lightly talked and lightly flirted down the staircase towards the dining hall.

Everyone united, with supposedly no one the wiser of Winda's sneaking, they had dinner, a long conversation, nightcaps, and then left.

As they left, Doctor Aureant convinced a student to sneak out later and join them at the Embassy.

Winda, then showed Lady Kavia and Doctor Aureant the flower....

Session 11/17-11/18/13 in Iskrania main

Aureant: 3S, 1C, 4 gen
Lady Kavia: 3S, 2C, 3 gen
Winda: 2S, 2C, 1E, 3 gen

Winda: a pamphlet from he Frankel Institute about antimagic, and a crystal jar with flower petals of an orange flower with red seeds.

Session held: 
Sunday, November 17, 2013
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