Dream a Little Dream of Me

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Dream a Little Dream of Me
Characters involved: 

Fliers posted all around town promised money for sleeping. As with many of these fliers, it was too good to be true. Upon arrival, Daniel, Jess, Moreaaiwe, Melandrach, Gumbo, and Lukacs found their way into a comfortable sitting room. After a few minutes a man appeared from the back of the home who would later give his name as Paul. He seemed surprised to see anyone there, and he asked them all to return when they had worked out an issue on their end. Something about their process had gone haywire.

As the party asked what had happened, initially he tried to play it off as nothing serious, but seeing that everyone looked like the capable sort, he instead asked for a moment. He headed into the back, and when he reemerged he asked if people would be willing to help. It turned out, a powerful mage named Frank had had a heart attack while he was in the dream. His body had been destroyed, but his innate magical essence was left behind. He'd grown panicked and violent because of the fear that he had nothing to wake up to. So he was desperate to keep control of the dream they were in. Paul explained that they could go in and attempt to negotiate for a peaceful response, or they could go in and force him out.

After agreeing to help, Paul lead the way back to the procedure room, where a man was just waking up. It turned out his name was David, and he was the leader of the group. He explained a bit about what was happening, and instructed them all to lay down so that they could begin. Daniel asked to see the body and suggested that he and Melandrach rejuvenate him, but unfortunately it was likely he'd already been cremated. Once things had been discussed, they were put into the dream.

They awoke in a giant sand filled arena lined by tall walls. It was a sort of gladiator arena. A giant grey man climbed into the pit with them and placed a dark orb before them. It was plain except for one word: "fight." Lukacs, Jess, and Melandrach were first to notice that the orb seemed to be melting, to reveal some sort of portal which would allow something underneath the surface of the melted liquid to emerge. The gigantic man took a seat on the steps and watched the party. As a loud laughing was heard, they looked up to see Frank up in the stands. He encouraged them to fight before taking a seat and preparing to watch the show.

Melandrach tried to negotiate, but unfortunately didn't seem to sway him on his first attempt. Jess got close to the orb to be ready in case something bad happened. Moreaaiwe used her divination to see that Frank's daughter Isabelle was on her way to Ramsalon. Gumbo was so happy to be dreaming again that he decided to compliment Frank's choices which earned him a bit of praise from Frank. Daniel conjured lightning onto his sword, and Lukacs was able to make a portal up to where Frank was sitting.

After that, Jess started to use her magic to peel back layers of the orb to see if anything was inside of it. It appeared to be empty and more of a portal than a cage. Gumbo decided to attempt to conjure a creature from his imagination and was able to see it for a moment before it disappeared. Daniel, Moreaaiwe, and Melandrach all started to attempt to calm the man down. They were very successful in getting him to relax, especially after Moreaaiwe mentioned Isabelle and that she was on her way. At that point Lukacs made his way to Frank and gave the physical presence he needed in order to be convinced not to fight them and to hear out the mages running the procedure.

With the situation tenuous, but calming down rapidly, Frank agreed to negotiate once the party said they would help be his advocates on the outside. He proceeded to end the orb's effects and when Paul and David came into the dream he began negotiating with them for the first time in earnest. This earned the party a great deal of praise both from the mages involved, and Isabelle, who would be arriving the next day. Gumbo managed to blow a series of flavored rainbow feathers, and Lukacs was able to conjure light during their time in the dream after the chaos was over. With all that finished, the party was told that they would be allowed to visit again in the future, and they were given extra silver for their speedy and very diplomatic approach.


50 Silver each

Daniel: 1 Mxp, 1 Cxp, 1 Gxp, 2xp
Gumbo: 1Cxp, 1 Gxp, 3xp
Jessica:1 Mxp, 1 Cxp, 1 Gxp, 2xp
Lukacs: 1 Mxp, 1 Cxp, 1 Gxp, 2xp
Melandrach: 1 Cxp, 1 Gxp, 3xp
Moreaaiwe: 1 Mxp, 1 Cxp, 1 Gxp, 1xp (joined 1hr late)

(Note) Thank you guys all so very much for this one. I had a blast running it. You were all amazing!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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