Removal of Derived Stats

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Removal of Derived Stats
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The 6 month play test to see how removing derived Stats from the system has come to an end.
So far the feed back has been good, so now time for the final vote.

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Should we remove derived stats from the system?
For the past 6 months we have been playing without using derived stats in order to test if would streamline and simplify the system. From the System point of view this has been true, some rulings have been much more easier and it has become even more simple to match and roll. This also opened up more combination possibilities without removing the feel of the flavor of what stats are picked. With that said do you feel the same and that we should remove derived stats from the game for good?

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Should we remove derived stats from the system?
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Should we remove derived stats from the system?Additional Comments
YesI'm definately good with this
YesAll in all it has been rather successful to remove the derived stats and even has resolved some lingering issues in ruling certain mechanics which crossed prime and derived stats. plus less stats is much easier to track and we can be more loose to allow more 'flavors' of actions for beyond what we have now