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Ahhh, there is that. XD I have no idea what I'm going to do for a job when I leave here. Here as in where I am now for work.


lol, I don't mean it is only google, they are just one I've heard of. Those jobs are like winning the lottery, don't know anyone that did it. lol


It wasn't Google though, it was somewhere else. I can't remember the name of it. Though... I could be dreaming too. XD


Chuckles Those are places like Google, very progressive and extremely profitable so they can play around with stuff like that and not sweat the cost.


naaaaaap.... Though.... I've heard that there are jobs in north america that some companies, if you work a night shift, can take a power nap while on shift.



lol, yes!


If only we were in Europe. lol


lol, that would be quite the perk. That's a job to retire from, lolol


Too bad I don't get paid to have a nap. lol


laughs Ouch, XD


The itis has kicked in and now I'm ready for a nap. XD


Waves! How you doin?




Tumbles in


I'd have to buy bear mace after crossing the boarder. XD lol I think... o.O Hmmmmm.... Think I've been working at the airport too long


bear mace, keys, and a spiked bracelet


I almost want to get a dog. lol


Yeah. Though, I'll have to admit that I find the truck stops not all that appealing because I'll be travelling by myself. So... Sadly I doubt my cats will do much to protect me. XD lol


yeah rving is very popular in the west to mid west (east coast its a bit more crowded, but still a few scattered about)

also larger truck stops have facilities for like showers and what not to give long haul truckers a refresher


Yeah, looks like there's enough RV parks even too. So, that'll be good for when I need to stop and have a shower and stuff. :D

I should get a notebook and just go nuts planning where I want to go, where I can stay and all that fun stuff. :D


yeah most of the ones near the interstates would def have facilities


About the only thing that I do plan is staying of the interstates. lol


Yeah, I don't plan on those campgrounds. XD


all the more formal campgrounds do have some form of a bathroom/outhouse

usually the only ones that don't are likely on backpacking trails, which doubt you will be going too as those are way out in the boonies.


Oh! Maybe you know then. What kind of things are the campgrounds down there? lol Besides the basics of outhouses.... or are there actual bathrooms in the campgrounds? lol


Yeah, that pass is looking like it'll be easier. I'll just have to remember to get some cash for the times that credit cards won't work or aren't accepted. lol


yeah wasn't sure when the price hike had happen yet


$20 just to enter Yellowstone.

Looks like everything is going up as of June 1st, which after that is when I'll be in the US. So.... I'm starting to think that the pass is better still.


you prolly have to go to the individual park sites to see. I think many of them have gone up since the last time I went to one.

It also varies park to park


Found it!