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its genetic for me, we know 4

its genetic for me, we know 4 known generations of it, and the docs never believed me when I went and saw them, 'too self aware'


dammit, you ditched me

dammit, you ditched me snickers, ran off with another man, ran off to another state and your -still- not happy? Your finally getting banged, finally married, gotta love my line of thinking, snickers some more, what the hell does it take? Wonder if your like my sis and have a mild chemical imbalance.


I can kick you in the jaw,

I can kick you in the jaw, that'll wake you up for the rest of the day and then some.

Except we both know the only way that would happen is on accident and would require you to be kicking me when I tickled you


Prolly shark too, considering

Prolly shark too, considering your issues as well.

and all teeth that needed yanking have been yanked now. We deported them to New York. Next is just some follow up stuffs, make sure stuffs healing properly. Tomorrow is Elkorday and probably a white shot. I was getting a little Hispanic there for a bit.


and there goes Arthur, boy

and there goes Arthur, boy been on my lap for almost an hour plus a bit since I laid down. Would've stayed, but the Man upstairs said hi. thunder rumbles in the distance


But yeah, regarding the other

But yeah, regarding the other, I'd definitely take shark. Not even sure how or why that question popped into my head. Probably due to something about the teeth would be my guess.


one problem with taking a nap

one problem with taking a nap and waking the cat. He wants to say hi, then he smells blood and wants to investigate it, which leads to head bashing into sore jaw and nose trying to pry lips open so he can crawl inside.


aye, and not even for

aye, and not even for external physical traits.

Me, I'd go for a shark. Good healing, generally good blood production. Defects are nigh near unheard of. Grow teeth (lol) and excellent immune system. And with my vision and hearing, yeah having an electromagnetic sense combined with my sense of touch might help


If you decided to combine

If you decided to combine human and animal dna, which beastie would you pick? And Cass walks, she doesn't count as an animal.


so much for napping. body

so much for napping. body didn't want to nap. eh just as well, pain flared up a little, so it was Mille- err Tylenol time


its like Arthur, just with

its like Arthur, just with all his fur, and thick. Arthur has fine fur, as a kitten, it looked scraggly