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They do. But till flesh out

They do. But till flesh out my toon, they opted to give me a sword with two abilities instead of dealing with a magic skill that had 3 very specific abilities: bond with a weapon. 1. Bond in and of itself is flavor. 2. telekinetically call bonded weapon to hand (kinda like Thor does with his hammer). 3. magically repair/reform bonded weapon

There was some fear with that, so they asked about just making a weapon that had the last two abilities and ignore the whole bond bit. So to make it pretty much ate up all my economy


Twi's shadow magic wasn't

Twi's shadow magic wasn't technically totally shadow magic. You could say he was a light mage...and a dark mage. His magic was made by channeling both

Dude you saw me in WoW pvp... Though that would be funny shit. What level is she?


I could always finish

I could always finish leveling refi on swtor, and we an pvp against each other queue epic music


Shadow wants to kill Twi.

Shadow wants to kill Twi. Twi wants one: not to get killed and two: make peace with Shadow (and thusly reform). Twi had what it took to be a Shadow Creator (as opposed to Cecil's shadow summoning). He was tainted with darkness, but he still had his parent's love for him, so he was also very 'light'. Heh, I should say Shadow Creators need something that makes them broken to be a Creator and not some other school of Shadow Magic. Hence the rarity.