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mwahaha... yeah, finally

mwahaha... yeah, finally something Larth hasn't experienced. Why dream about it when you can live it.


Larth was repeatedly killed

Larth was repeatedly killed by Nethar for a solid week, rezzed, then killed again in new and excruciating ways. That was a rather gruesome RP


Through experience actually.

Through experience actually. It's actually how Larth learned teleportation/portal magic. He'd been teleported so damned many times, he started being able to discern it, almost feel it.

pats, Awww only mostly dead. I'd lend my cockroachiness to you if you want to try actual death.


Really needs to work on that

Really needs to work on that skill idea. The skill I have wanted is something like "Dangerous Mind". The idea is rather then just resist an attack like this he would lash back at the attacker with all the screwed up things in his head. The torture, the countless near deaths, the nightmares he was cursed with for a while and of course the guilt for things he has done. Throw all that at the attack at once.

the question is... how does one learn such a skill? Thats where my problem is.


Poor Larth gets all the weird

Poor Larth gets all the weird shit. Wouldn't be surprised if part of his brain has a mental motel in it with a sign that says 'Vacancy'/'No Vacancy'


Betcha I beat you Stome, with

Betcha I beat you Stome, with Larth. Hell, he's been 'mind' controlled by his other personality. And more gods than you can shake a really big tree at (required more than a stick). Even been possessed by the good guys...amusingly my dice worked a lot better then.