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Couple of my relativeas have

Couple of my relativeas have A+, but i built up antibodies to other factors in the blood, so their bloood would actually kill me.

A person who gets 1-10 blood transfusions in their life only needs to worry about the rh factor: A, B, AB, O and +/-.

I, however, have had on average about 16 transfusions per year. My body built up antibodies to other things in foreign blood like the E, I, JSA factors. Blood has a lot of factors, making each person's semi unique. For generic use, most oftten people don't have antibodies to them. But unfortunately, repeated exposure can cause antibodies to them to form


After 39 years of fighting,

After 39 years of fighting, option 3 looked enticing on some level. You reach a point where you just get tired

Gotta match type, Jill. I am A+ E- JSA-