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Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

Otherwise, the same Site Policies apply in Limbo that apply elsewhere: Be nice.


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  • Zxehenia

gonna go recliner-down for a bit


its like Arthur, just with all his fur, and thick. Arthur has fine fur, as a kitten, it looked scraggly



Yeah just a followup next week, since my body is all frelled up, to make sure things are healing fine.




Alright, last toof needing to be taken, got taken. I will semi be around, so don't be shocked if I don't respond right away.


everybody ran away...


chuckles Rain...not so much a concern here. I just have to get a move on before the damn sprinklers come on...or do it tomorrow.


Is probably gonna go to the store real fst before the downpour that woke up Jon hits here....




must wander to the post office and bank. Shall return


lalalala PFFT




pending on the lid, could poke a hole, but if you dun wanna do that, may have to wait for it to cool, unless you can slip a knife in there

anyways nigh night, hopefully you get your soups


hugs, nigh nigh


good cuz I'm trying to separate my bowl from my lid and have no clue now


awww hugs boblet but yay for soup
sadly I think I am going to crash, bleh


great, I just air temperature pressured my lid to my bowl of soup. sighs








hurrah potty break


potty break, you should go to bed. hugs in case your gone (a.k.a. actually listened) when he gets back


Maybe a Mothra vs. Rodan movie. Though Mothra vs. Kamacuras would be amusing too. Oooh or again another Megaguirus.




Still need a good ringtone with the Mosura faerie song. Though my mom called finally, while in public, still get odd looks. It's no Godzilla's roar, which would get looks and the occasional chuckle. Now I just get weird looks as Mothra screeches




so looking forward to Godzilla now...the atomic walking catastrophe. Not Zilla, the mutant iguana. Though that is funny that Zilla became part of the kaiju coalition. Though the battle between Godzilla and Zilla in Final Wars is still hilarious. Less than 20 seconds long.