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Has often pondered the need

Has often pondered the need for something other then the -20 in some cases. Some super specialized skills seem that they really should have less of a penalty in exchange for the power lose that comes from such a focused skill. Though it muddies the rules a bit. ponders this. Likely not the right time for this convo though.


Yeah, talked it over with

Yeah, talked it over with Andy. I traded range and portals for the combat parameter. Hehe. Yeah, fully aware of the -20, but hugs thanks for watching out for me


Yep, but why have a -combat-

Yep, but why have a -combat- teleport skill as opposed to normal teleport skill if you don't use it in combat


*peers at boblet* you do

peers at boblet you do remember that it's a -20 to both actions if you double act in a round right?


"And now, in honor of the

"And now, in honor of the venue above, the players in the sewer reenact a sausage being packed..."


"Dogpile on the scout!"

"Dogpile on the scout!"

[b]echoes of "dogpile on the scout!" all throughout the sewer[/b]


I think he enjoyed your

I think he enjoyed your Ravnos. If anyone regretted it, it was me. laughs Course I think he regretted Laringar playing a bastet that could "Jump really well". Especially when I came up with the slightly insane plan.