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It's a funny coincidence:

It's a funny coincidence: Ille and Stome were the ones on the wagon at the festival when Cai first made his return. They rescued the lady he possessed, so he got a real good look at them before Maelstrom soul-sapped him and he went into hiding for months to recoup.

Kinda fitting for Stome to be face to face with him again now as we near the end of things.


@forsaken, sounds like the

@forsaken, sounds like the javascript got all wonky and crashed on you - sometimes refreshing is the best way to reset it once javascripts crashed - make sure you have the right C selected and all that


I would've missed with those

I would've missed with those rolls with the sword anyways. They were pretty bad. Now I hit but prolly barely do damage. There's my wuvely dice. snuggles his odd dice


Yeeaah, not exactly :-/ But

Yeeaah, not exactly :-/ But we can revisit the details on that later, for this session it won't be a problem.


Has often pondered the need

Has often pondered the need for something other then the -20 in some cases. Some super specialized skills seem that they really should have less of a penalty in exchange for the power lose that comes from such a focused skill. Though it muddies the rules a bit. ponders this. Likely not the right time for this convo though.