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As it turns out if I had

As it turns out if I had looked harder I would have found popcorn. Unfortunate.

I don't normally put butter on my popcorn. Though I do put salt on it.


The good news is that now

The good news is that now there are only 341 things on my netflix instant watch queue.

False alarm folks. Now it's up to 343. :/


I'm not the master. I believe

I'm not the master. I believe that title belongs to Zxe.

Like I said, Dumb complaint really. And I ended up really liking the movie. Just took a couple sittings to do so.


You're the master of

You're the master of multitask. I'd imagine any movie that requires you to only watch it would be hard. But I'm glad you powered through anyway. :)


My only real problem with the

My only real problem with the movie (And it's not really a problem just me being dumb) Is that I had to focus on watching the movie since it was in another language.

Really dumb thing to complain about but I have a hard time doing one thing at once.


Doesn't really understand all

Doesn't really understand all the hype about bacon. I mean, I like it well enough. But it's nowhere near as good as people act like it is.