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I just had the windshield

I just had the windshield replaced. lol I was glad that the Nissan dealership there was able to get me one.


cool, i mean rock in a

cool, i mean rock in a windshield less fun but at least that was easy enough to get fixed :)





Oooo!!! Ponders

Oooo!!! Ponders

Also, can I use spoiler tags and then just have the TL:DR version in there for the eval?


Well, I've had good weather

Well, I've had good weather while driving at least. I had to stop in Prince George, BC because I had a rock just about go completely through my windshield! So had to get that fixed. Got to experience a thunderstorm while I was there. That was awesome! :D My poor kitties didn't really like it though. XD Otherwise, no other rain while travelling, so that's a bonus. And it's been hot here in OR. Like 80+

Ooo!!! I can have her see in the dark?!?!?


yeah, you could go with 3

yeah, you could go with 3 senses or 2 senses and a cool feature - like - that yeah, like tracking or like hiding tracks, or use an operate aspect to get a cool sensory extension - like dark vision


yeah reno is turning into

yeah reno is turning into pheonix there with a couple of 100ish days...

I was dying wit the ac on...


or you can combo it with

or you can combo it with another aspect like bolster to do even more stuff beyond what would usually happen (ie tracking type with a bolster aspect which when rolled with the aware gives much more information then what just teh awa roll would)


cool, travelling can be a lot

cool, travelling can be a lot of fun! it's kinda toasty at the moment though - heat wave is probably not too fun on the road :)

re: awareness - almost the same as before - if you hit the eyeball button it'll pop up int and spirit. instead of using the derived stat it just uses the stats the derived stat came from


what do you mean by how do

what do you mean by how do awareness skills work?

its pretty much gleaning above average details from the immediate surroundings

and direct opposition for trying to conceal something

basically reveal something beyond the average.




Warnings of wrath are a warning that I'll get punched in the face. XD Zxe, I believe would hunt me down and punch me in the face. LOL

hi Bast! Been trying to make sense of my life so to speak. But I packed up my life into my truck and travel trailer and decided that I was going to go on the road trip of a life time! :D I came down to LadyK's house again. We decided to make new characters while I'm here too.