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Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

Otherwise, the same Site Policies apply in Limbo that apply elsewhere: Be nice.


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so for example a combat skill

so for example a combat skill: damage (to deal damage), avoid (to avoid it), and lots of people use the third aspect to create a boost or weaken an opponent or a knowledge to be able to predict their opponents moves, that sort of thing


i think the biggest thing

i think the biggest thing that changed between then and now was the aspects system. we've got aspects tied directly to things-you-can-do to make sure that all of them are actually balanced (turns out most combat skills needed a boost to match magic, etc etc)


Looks like I was here in 2013

Looks like I was here in 2013! I must have logged back in for a bit. Was "here" here, or some other here?

I just re-submitted Lazaro rather lazily. I don't know what is supposed to change, but if he was reapproved in 2013, maybe not much? Or maybe lots...


I don't have many. Never did.

I don't have many. Never did. Well, had and deleted some over and over. Mostly just Lazaro and Camilla. And one I dumped SH points in and didn't play much... Juan. I should see if anyone else is there I have forgotten. ;) Thank you for the helps.


LOL that's sort of the idea

LOL that's sort of the idea yeah ;p put that RP energy to good use

re: c's - if you click on your characters you should see a 'Workflow' tab at the top? if you click on that you'll have an option to submit them

same if you go to edit the characters - you probably want to prioritize the ones you want to get reviewed first so we can get you going asap


Haha! Yeah, that would be

Haha! Yeah, that would be good until someone said that their eyes bored into the back of someone's skull.

But if they're saying that, it's very descriptive, and they should probably be rp-ing anyway. ;)

Rp prompt... ohh. Might have to play with that after my Cs are re-approved. Not sure what I need to do with them.


that's the idea ;p - at one

that's the idea ;p - at one point there was some javascript that would auto-hit the button whenever someone said the word "bored" in the chat


she might owe me a coke but i

she might owe me a coke but i owe her cookies so it all works out ;p and cool - getting to hang out w/ friends ftw


(:p @ bast)

(:p @ bast)

Ah nice, hope you are having a bit of fun!


I am staying with Stome

I am staying with Stome (candyman in old Vax) and Ali at the moment (Megan and Shawn) so I was talking old Vaxian days with Shawn for half of forever. I was remembering stuff I had not even thought of in ages. So I thought I'd look y'all up.

Aloha, Sysop. Nice to meetcha. :) Jeff, IRL. But once upon a time I was more or less always referred to here as Heron.


different person, this

different person, this bastlynn is SH sysop (she is relatively newer in comparison)


Admin is bast, she is smart

Admin is bast, she is smart and doesn't let me anywhere near the actual coding...

I just help her bug hunt in other ways XD

I just work on cleaning up and organizing the game system and setting info


it'll be useful actually -

it'll be useful actually - you can tell us how well we've managed to get the 'you're new here' started

admin = bastlynn, i'm just in my tech support hat at the moment


Well. It's new to me. :P

Well. It's new to me. :P

And yeah, tacos are goodness. I can't actually give up tacos. That sounds sacrilegious.