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the dude actually still truly

the dude actually still truly believs that the current republican party is still the lincoln republicans, and I just

I just can't


things I did not need today,

things I did not need today, republican trying to push the 'history' on me and talking about immigrants

good thing I am even to tired to have a temper until now


annnnnd sorry - but computer

annnnnd sorry - but computer ethics and AI is literally part of my job - hence babble

Annnnyways. How about those... anything else topic with more fun stuff ;p


All of those are good

All of those are good interpretations of what would happen with a strong AI. On some level the most predictable response is... if it's at least as sapient as a human: it'll be as unpredictable as a human. Most fictional versions of strong AI are interpretable as analogies about dis-empowered workers... in the same way vampires are about ruling classes, and zombies about mob rule.

The danger of AI is already present and affecting people today. Weak AI as we use it nowadays is subject to "garbage in - garbage out" rules. Which is to say - if you feed a AWS tool racist or sexist data, it'll make racist or sexist conclusions...

For ex: when you consider that Google fed an AI their job applications and hiring decisions and got an AI that downgraded any application with a woman's name... which is why they yanked it from weighing in on decisions. Which is exactly what they should have done of course - and it revealed their own hiring process has some serious issues somewhere in it.

But then consider this: An AWS application using location and historical arrest records to determine areas to increase patrols for police departments instead of using crime reporting. Except - the historical arrest records are innately racist and increased patrol of course increases arrests so it's a feedback loop of accelerated attention to already over-patrolled areas... sounds bad right?

It was. The AI program got the community up in arms until it was cancelled. (thank fuck) This was in Chicago, where the PD up until about 2 yrs ago when they were busted for it: had a black site where they literally beat confessions out of people. In short: AI has probably gotten people killed already.

So if you're looking for where weak AI is gonna hurt people? It already is...


Kinda multiple days late to

Kinda multiple days/weeks late to respond to this but what the hell how bout I ramble for a bit .

On the subject of AI. It really depends on the AI in question. Half the time, when it's not simply "This new thing is bad" the reason for the AI is "Evil" essentially comes down to it's programming.
For instance, IIRC, Skynet was essentially created to kill people. The problem was that it kinda just didn't stop doing so and was too damn good at it to have someone stop it. (Though the sequels kinda messed that up. So 1+2 and the Show are the only Terminator stuff for me.)
That said, one of my favorite instances of an AI in anything is one which I feel is probably more realistic.
Said AI was created to serve humans. So when almost all of the humans died he had what be comparable to an existential crisis.
Because of that, he eventually decided the best way to fulfill his need for purpose would be to essentially enslave all humans. At which point it proceeded to make them immortal, content, and "happy" while it built giant machine cities for them to explore. The problem being that in doing so it also inadvertently slowly whittled away their ability to feel emotions, and those machine cities eventually blotted out almost all sunlight. Leading to a rather bleak future even through his good intentions.

Essentially like a combination of the Ship AI in "Wall-E" and AM from "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" but with the difference that he was doing so entirely out of some sort of twisted attempt at altruism due to his programming simply being that he should serve humans.
That said, I think it's also fairly likely that we might create an AI who upon becoming self aware simply decides that killing/enslaving/whatever all humans would be a waste of time and simply leave the planet.
All that said, this is all coming from the guy who regularly feels more in common with faulty robots than any other characters half the time. So take anything I say with a grain of salt I guess.


nodnodnod basically yeah,

nodnodnod basically yeah, that - sometimes just continuing to exist is a win ;p (ok - i gots to sleep - tomorrow starting the new my-butt-does-RP project)


I have just been trying to

I have just been trying to remind myself of my greatgrandmothers.

One survived the early days of the rise of the nazi party.
The other survived an Indian boarding school

Shit sucked, but they lived. Some things have gotten better since then, still alotta bad. Its a marathon after all, just gotta keep pushing forward as we can


there's a point where it will

there's a point where it will actually be easier to just focus on fixing the surroundings and after the brainwashing element is removed - and then work on repairing the damage done there :-/ otherwise it's just dumping buckets of water out without fixing the leaks


Yeah I haven't really been

Yeah I haven't really been able to keep up with the chats, but I saw snippets mentioning family drama.

And bleeh. You have my sympathies, cuz I know how much of a trash fire that is.
Though last week I took a step on facebook and ended up unfollowing my mother cuz I just can't with her shit posting atm.
I feel bad cuz I used to link snopes, but it started to feel like a full time job, and she wouldn't listen. and bleeeh


you and me both in those

you and me both in those regards. the last month has been rough and then parentals this week just... guh. my step dad went full MAGA :-/


throws confetti about writing

throws confetti about writing, and also works a as a descriptor of my writing.

though I suspect random confetti thrown is better then my warbling.

nodnods aye not alone in that regard. though I mostly get distracted by felling hella fucking tired... I tell you. I can be fine, and then boom.


gnaws on bast

gnaws on bast

you know, that sounds like a neat way to do a nanowrimo from my perspective.

Course I dunno much about nanowrimo XD


flops over and falls into

flops over and falls into limbo

elp. this is my plan for this month: to be online here 4 out of 7 days - and try to run once a week, or at least be social

this is my version of Nanowrimo this year - yes? yes.


*Puts up decorations. Paper

*Puts up decorations. Paper bats, ghost stickers, severed heads, wicked sweet fog machine. Very spoopy.*


It's a good thing I have my

It's a good thing I have my Halloween costume at the ready. Makes this way easier. Noms cookie.

Anyways, I've a class tomorrow and I really should have been asleep hours ago. I'll return with who knows what at a later time.





places cookies in place of splodey head