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Grand Park

The Grand Park brings a bit of nature to the sprawling urban mass that is the black city of Ramsalon It is fairly close to the center part of the city, but not quite, but no matter it offers a different kind of atmosphere than the other parts of the city. It is lined with very large trees, providing a kind of natural wall to provide a break from the usual noises of the city. Some parts of the wall even turn into tiny little forests dotted about the park. During the Naga Nori War some of the grounds were damaged, busted up and burned. Most of the structures within the are have been restored, but some of the smaller shops are no more. Some citizens have also planted some new saplings to replace some of the trees that were completely destroyed, as well as planting some more bushes and flowers to bolster the greenery. Everything seems to be taking root well and once more life blooms in the park.

There are many different kinds of walk ways and trails that weave about the park passing by and through all the little forests, gardens, fountains and wide open grassy areas. Sprinkled along the ways are all kinds of benches Several places all kinds of people come to perform, putting on all kinds of shows for those walking on by. Vendors can often set up shop along some of the popular route, offering all kinds of snacks, drink, or even trinkets to indulge in. During the warm seasons, the entire park is lush with plant and animal life. Then in the winter, snow accumulates in drifts with the paths carved through making it look like a winter maze.

Candy Shoppe RP Chatroom is a cute little candy shop nested in a shopping area of the Grand Park. Staffed mostly by Faeries it offers a huge selection of all kinds of candy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The East Side RP Chatroom of the park is stately and dignified. The trees seem to form a small forest in this section of the park, tall and graceful, and there are a multitude of small shops lining the eastern edge of the Grand Park here. There are remains of an ancient portal believed to have once been part of the Namori portal net work that have become a kind work of art for the park. The portal is made up of pillars and blocks, all surrounding a square stone platform with a circular crystal like disk that sits on top of it. It has been overgrown with vines that curl all around its pillars and blocks and then cascade down like magnificent curtains. There is a small gathering of trees around it with some flowering bushes mixed in. Before the Darkest Night there have been a few attempts to see if the portal could be properly reactivated to no avail. After the Naga Nori War the Shi Inkahan Empire let the Elven Alliance remove the crystals that seemed still infused with magic, ensuring that even if somehow it could be reactivated it can't. Now it sits there quiet, a monument to how nature reclaims even the most hardy of construction.

There is a Fountain Area RP Chatroom located in the west side of the park and has become one of the centerpieces of the city. The fountain showed up shortly after the Darkest Night. No one really knows whom built the fountain but the story is that the night after the last attack of the Darkest Night had settled that the fountain appeared. It is said to be a gift to the city from a nature spirit whom is even believed to be living in the fountain as some citizens have claimed to see it. The fountain itself is massive, made from all kinds of marble. In some places soft moss grows, but the water within the fountain never seems to get dirty or overran with algae and gunk. It is in the shape of a rectangle with walls just high enough to serve as a comfortable seat for most adults. In the very center is a statue that seems to be a rendering of swirling water and vines reaching up that water cascades down in sheets forming waterfalls. Smaller statues accent the corners with long swirls to let the water run as if fanciful dancing. No matter the time of year the water has no trouble running.

The Park Center RP Chatroom is just a grassy zone in the center of the park where no trees, flowers or bushes grow at all. West of the treeless patch about 30 yards is a massive Black Marble Oak tree, and to the east about the same distance there lays a rune-covered stone.

There are some Sparring Grounds RP Chatroom in a clearing at the south side of the Grand Park. It is an entire complex designed to handle any type of fighter, magical and physical. Here there are setups where people can spar or make use of several types of training dummies, with several environments to pick to practice on such as a stone flooring or a grassy area with obstacles. There is a small stone building in the Sparring Grounds, built for days when sparring outside is impossible due to weather or other factors. The floor has various markings on it for various types of duels and there are obstacles that can be moved onto the floor as well.

The Special Events Areas RP Chatroom and Havest Festival Grounds RP Chatroom are spaces large enough to be dedicated to festivals and special events. These areas are designed to handle a sudden increase of traffic as well as whatever equipment and temporary buildings and stages that are required for such events and festivals. The set up is so that it also won't disrupt the day to day activity that goes on in the park and that the event won't be disturbed or interrupted by the day to day on goings of the city. So when a circus, traveling zoo, or other big event comes into the city they will set up here.


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Arturo chuckled. "You're as

Arturo chuckled. "You're as wise as you are lovely." He said with a grin. "Which means that if I ever get the chance to pick your song, It'll be the poultry dance, and I will expect you to use costume and charm to prevent all that doom and gloom." He added with a snicker.

"Ha ha." Arturo said sarcastically back. But it did make him laugh. "Alright, lets give it a little twist here..." He said, following the directions.

Raising it up so that they could both perk their ears up to listen for the click, he started sliding panels. "One of them must be the key." He said, trying not to drown out any clicks or sounds it might make, but still wanting to sound optimistic.

After a bit of sliding he was pretty sure he'd heard a soft click. "Hey, I think we may have a lead here. Would you want to work on this some more? We could hit up the tea house and work on it there if you'd like." He suggested. "Otherwise lets find a bench. My foot is killing me, and for more than just fashion disaster reasons." He said with a smirk.

Offering his arm, he's happy to head where ever she'd prefer. Although if that's home, he understands that too, and the box can stay a mystery for another day.

Thank you so much! It was so much fun. Sorry to be short. But it was really great to play with you like it always is. You rock!


"A distraction from the usual

"A distraction from the usual, which we all need from time to time really." she then grinned " mean after all, why do think our entertainment is so popular as well." she said with a wink.* "Can't have everything being all doom and gloom after all."

She was by no means an expert, just had her fair share of stumbling about, not to mention they made for nice little gifts when she ever had the chance to catch up with her family again. She had no idea if this one would be like any other she has encountered, but some things did seem to be standard and the rest she will figure it out.

"I see you holding a box." she at first says, a bit smart like with a heavy tease. Though shortly she points at the box. "So it looks like each panel slides around and sets to a pattern, so try moving the pieces around until something like a good click happens perhaps?"


"That's true." Arturo said

"That's true." Arturo said with a nod. "It can get out of hand in a hurry."

He nodded. "I like that. Someone out there is helping to scratch that adventure itch while also making sure people look at the little things. Literally in this case..."

As Moreaaiwe looked at the box, it seemed like she was really on to something. The patterns and methods that these boxes usually seemed to follow were clearly well known to her, and so Arturo watched carefully to see if he could help assist.

"Listen for the clicks. I can do that." He said with a gentle grin. "What do you see?" He looked carefully at the box, trying to follow her eyeline and help in any way he can.


"Aye, well you know how

"Aye, well you know how things go. Once something gets all popular, others rush to get theirs out there. Which is all dandy and all, but soon everyone is scrambling about trying to make theirs the most notable. And well you know how it can go from there." she said with a slight laugh.

She nodded her head a little in agreement. "Aye even more so when it can be so easy to get caught up in the mayhem and danger, when there are times it feels like that is all there is within this city. In a way kind of bringing them back to down to ground of sorts before they go too far."

"I see." she said as Arturo mentioned it seemed partially completed. "Usually there is some indicator to the progress, kind of like lockpicking or the such, a click, or reaction as some can even have layers of puzzles which are not the same." she added in as she leaned in once more to take a closer look.


Arturo listened carefully. It

Arturo listened carefully. It seemed there was even more than he realized that was unique and interesting about these boxes. "That is very clever. The charms seem particularly fun. I can imagine how those could become a signature all to themselves." He eyed the box curiously. "There aren't charms on this one, I hope..." He mused, hoping like hell he wasn't about to turn polka dotted or start clucking like a chicken for dusting it off the wrong way.

The blush that painted over his cheeks flew past in only a few moments. But it was definitely there.

He nodded. "True. It's nice to know there are people out there looking to spread good will and give someone an interesting tale that doesn't involve mayhem and danger. Sometimes it's the little mysteries that make for good adventures." He said with a little happy sigh of his own. He liked the idea of someone out there just being so mischievous that they'd do this on purpose.

"Definitely." He agreed.

Arturo poked a bit at the already completed parts of the box. "Well, it looks like some of it is done, so one of the parts that has a mechanism that isn't already triggered could be a good place to check next." He said. "Do you see any patterns to it? Or anything to indicate the next in the sequence?"


"Most of the crafters of such

"Most of the crafters of such boxes either let the design be their signature or hide something inside. Most of the moving parts are outside so any kind of marking can get covered up quickly. Then of course to ruin some fun, some of the more renown crafters tend to put on charms to prevent other kinds of peeking. When you have certain talent friends you want to get a rise out of, give them just such a box and fail to mention the charms. she said with a chuckle.

She just grinned at him at his mention of 'being nosy' Mmmhmmm...

She nodded her head a little. "Aye, found a couple myself left in the grape, didn't seem to belong to anyone, just someone figuring to leave a little fun and mystery with a thoughtful note. I mean in a city renown for its adventurers as well, you have to admit it is a pretty clever way of bringing a smile to someone."

"Well, even more of a mystery, could it be one of our mystery boxes of late, or someone's lost trinket. At this point we only really have one way to go aye?" she said with a slight grin.

She gestured towards the box. "well first up is getting a feel for how the parts may move, as there are a few ways this can go. You don't want to brute force it either, first how does it move, and then the patterns."


Through all his people

Through all his people watching, Arturo hadn't actually been paying as close attention as he should. So as she mentioned that there didn't look to be anyone desperately searching he looked around as well. "You're right. That's lucky and unlucky, I suppose." He said with a soft hum.

Arturo nodded. "We should check the bottom for a mark. But it could be inside the lid." He tried to hold back the grin, but it started to peek through. "It would be entirely selfless of us both to make sure that we open this box and see what's inside... Purely for the rightful owner to get it back, and not just because I'm nosy."

His ears perked up. "Other puzzle boxes... Have you heard of others being left places?" His eyes widened. "Because that would make this extra mysterious."

"It was a bit dusty." Arturo admitted. "I had to dust a bit off the lid. I wasn't sure if it had gotten on when it fell. But it could have lay there longer." He said.

He looked at the box curiously. "Any idea where to start? You know how clueless I am." He said with a gentle grin in her direction.


She chuckled slightly as it

She chuckled slightly as it would seem Arturo was getting a little bit of exercise in the moment.

"Ah I see, hmm. A bit unfortunate, as there does to appear to be a fair amount of traffic through the park this eve." She said as she looked about. "Though it doesn't look like in this moment that anyone seems to be frantically searching for anything they may have dropped."

She caught on a bit of Arturo's biting curiosity. "Well there are a few ways to get lost property returned to someone. At the very least if maybe we could find the artisan's signature they may remember whom picked it up from them. But there does seem to be a rash of those things just left lying all over. If it was a bit dirty we could safely assume its been there for a while, either way it may be worth a shot seeing if it can be opened."


"Hi!" Arturo said, coming to

"Hi!" Arturo said, coming to a slightly more abrupt stop than he'd initially intended. He would never admit that however. "It's great to see you."

But as the box was revealed to not be Mo's, he was a bit flustered. "Oh, damn." He said. "It was just to the side of the path back there and it looked like it could have fallen recently."

Not that they were alone on the path or in the park, but Arturo had definitely made a grand leap of guessing there. He smiled gently. "Well... I guess I can put it back in the hopes that someone comes back by looking for it." He said with a little shrug. "Unless you think we might be able to return it to the rightful owner if we found out what was inside..."

Although the sentiment is genuine, he also is dreadfully curious about the box and kinda wants to know what's inside before leaving it back on the side of the path. It's too grand (and also too small) a mystery to be left unknown.


She was just humming along to

She was just humming along to herself, the park made for a more scenic short cut, plus there was the perk of the shops and boutiques along the edges for a little bit of window shopping when the mood struck.

She happened to be on her way between errands at the moment, when she heard her name suddenly called out.
Quickly pausing in her step she turned to the direction of which it came just in time to spy Arturo sprinting to catch up with her.

Giving him a friendly wave as he approached. "Fancy running into you here..." Her greeting was cut short as he presented a puzzle box and seems to think it may have belong to her.

She leaned into inspect the box as he held it to her, then shook her head a little. "Alas, while it does appear to be a bit of beautiful handy work, I fear it isn't mine. Where abouts did you find it?" she asked peaking past him to see if she caught anyone that may seem to be searching for a lost object near them.


As he rested, Arturo

As he rested, Arturo stretched out his aching foot. He had indulged in just enough people watching that it was stiffening up again. So he had to get moving. He got to his feet and shook out his legs and started back walking.

As he went, he looked up and spotted a familiar figure walking ahead of him. Moreaaiwe was unmistakable, and that jacket. He had to give her credit because it was just about the most gorgeous thing he'd seen. It was simultaneously elegant and eye catching which is sometimes a very hard line to walk. But she always did.

He was just about to jog to catch up with her when he noticed a shine on the ground just beside the path. It looked like a little puzzle box. He lifted it up and dusted it off. It was very pretty and it looked as though it was partially completed. With no one else too close by, it looked like maybe she'd dropped it.

"Moreaaiwe?!" Arturo called gently (not wanting to be too alarming). He started to jog to catch up with her. "I think you dropped something..."


The seasons seem to always

The seasons seem to always take sharp and sudden turns these days. Not too long ago Summer felt it was in full swing, though not too terrible as the breezes from the oceans brought a cooling comfort with them. Though she didn't mind the warmth really. However she didn't mind the cooler seaonal temps of the autumn as well. Really it was just the damp and bitter cold of the winter. She could tolerate it well enough should she need, but she simply just did not like it.

About now was a wonderful temperture, not too hot, not too cool, easy to find any kind of comfort in with the right clothing really. Even more so just right enough to take a little stroll through the park.

Taking advantage of the cooler weather, she had one of her black ruffled and layer skirts, which seemed to just float about her as she walked. Her top was covered by the dark blue corset bodice style jacket she had on. It was a rich blue, with silvery gray and black accents, and in the back two rather elegant tails danced along with the flow of the skirt. The jack also had a high neck offering much weathery protection and cover.


Cutting through the park had

Cutting through the park had seemed like such a good idea on paper. When Arturo had mapped his route across town to run errands, he had been sure that the park would be a good detour. Fresh air, lovely plants, a bit of people watching... It all seemed perfect.

What he hadn't counted on was one particular path that had gotten muddy and made the walk really terrible. Not only were his shoes now totally embarrassing (to someone like him), but it had taken extra time and his foot ached with the strain of it. So he had plopped down on one of the benches near the fountain as soon as it came in sight. He was tempted to lay across it in a "I'm asleeeeeeep" style gesture, but he refrained. After all, who knows what errant critter might ruin another part of his ensemble at the rate his day was going.

He was dressed flashily as always. Bold colors and aside from his muddy shoes, he looked well put together. It clearly was no accident that the same cornflower blue was in the pattern on his socks and the edging of his pocket square. But as he sat there on the bench and rested, he just sighed and stared at the once shiny boots.

"No more detours..." He mumbled to himself. "None through the park until the weather clears up... In eight months..." The thought that the particular path would be mucky for that long actually brought a grin to his face. He was starting to learn this place a little more.


Wanders through the park

Wanders through the park thinking about his next move. He was feeling weary lately, out of sorts. He was coming to the realization that without the foundation of family, without his children taking up most of his time. Chris was struggling with a new duality to his nature. He felt old yearnings for power gained through unkind means. Yet he did not want to return to that life, it was more a matter of he would do what he had to do at any given point in time in order to accomplish his goals. Yet, that was a exceedingly slippery slope toward his old ways.
Thoughts of conquering the island were returning to him, he was spending too much time idol for his own good. Yet, what was he to do that would not involve these feelings yet still keep his mind busy.


Wanders through the park

Wanders through the park thinking about his next move. He was feeling weary lately, out of sorts. He was coming to the realization that without the foundation of family, without his children taking up most of his time. Chris was struggling with a new duality to his nature. He felt old yearnings for power gained through unkind means. Yet he did not want to return to that life, it was more a matter of he would do what he had to do at any given point in time in order to accomplish his goals. Yet, that was a exceedingly slippery slope toward his old ways.
Thoughts of conquering the island were returning to him, he was spending too much time idol for his own good. Yet, what was he to do that would not involve these feelings yet still keep his mind busy.

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Chris drums his fingers on

Chris drums his fingers on the cover of his journal, a collection of candid thoughts that would likely never be seen by anyone. He contemplated magic, the universe, and life. Placing those thoughts within books such as the one he was holding in his lap. Done with the park now Chris rose from the bench, slowing wandering out toward the city center.


Many different ways come

Many different ways come about as to how or when someone learns how to use the art. It’s not all dusty old tomes and pretentious “wizards” that have done and know it all. There are many ways to learn, many people don’t “learn” at all. They grow in power and general knowledge of themselves or the world around them and in some of that they might find something they didn’t know was there, sometimes it’s just a strange fluke that they would never be able to explain. They could try, they could say they were blessed with such power, or were simply better then the man next to them. Because “fate” chose them to be the next mage in town. There’s really little that can be done to explain such things, not that it cant be explained… it can, but it takes a lot and most never get that far. After all the world is a big and interesting place for a mage, those talented enough can find ways to get all over the world in the amount of time that most take to get dressed in the morning. Magic is boundless and so are the mages that master it. But if you are looking for a way to learn it, there are learning aids. Much like the books and people I spoke of just a moment ago, but choose how you learn wisely.. tome with bad info or a stupid teacher that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and yes, people like that can learn magic, I have come across –quite- a few. But back on topic, don’t learn from them. Look for someone that knows what they are talking about, do research on who you wish to learn from. Find out how they are looked at in the mage community. That alone will tell you if they are worth anything.

Meant to be in a journal about magic, somehow posted on the last place he was instead.


Chris loses track of time

Chris loses track of time watching the nest, simple nature can be so interesting at times. Something about it draws one in, how creatures so different from us function. What their lives are like, their thoughts must be so basic, but at the core they are the same things that matter to all of us. Food, shelter, family. Creatures simply don’t have the problem that higher intelligence brings, complications about how to achieve those goals. Each of them achieves in a very similar, or the same way. We humans have to make it difficult on ourselves with all this thinking.
But would it be worth trading places? For that simplicity... for Chris he knew the answer was no. He could appreciate the simple way of it. That just didn’t equate to envy, he had remarkable abilities at his disposal. He has studied the universe, different planes of existence, he had created lifeforms in a all be it more basic form. Birds could never fathom such things, most people could hardly conceive it. Most people were dullards though, he liked the birds more.
The park was sparsely populated, a few picnics taking place throughout. The warm spring air was comforting, it reminded him of when he helped rescue spring from the clutches of an over zealous winter spirit. In this very park. Feeling the warm air on his skin made him think of the spirit of spring, like she was visiting him in the moment. He had thought of this memory earlier at the inn, Nettle was now asleep loosely wrapped around Chris’s neck. His body heat a source of comfort for her. Nettle was more active at night, spending most days somewhere on Chris’s person. Nights spent hunting mice that had found their way into the walls of whatever inn they were staying in at the time


Chris sits quietly on his

Chris sits quietly on his bench, it had been a long time since he last came here... last he saw Rowan, a name so far in the past now, she was once a woman he thought about every day. Pained thoughts of her denying their love, but with time and pain. that love soured and was lost forever now that part of his life was in the past and would stay there. He did not wish to see her again. He had a family now, she was a painful memory that didn’t deserve his time. But he can’t stop himself as he sits here pondering. A soft warm breeze made his face crossed his face and brought a smile. His eyes wander around the park. Chris was a being of habit most of the time and had been here quite a few times since he came to Ramsalon. So many things happened here, so many memories held in this park. Rubbing his face with both hands he was having trouble thinking of anything but the past right now. Shifting his shoulders a bit he leans back against the bench and takes a deep breath looking out once more on the park around him. A blue bird lands in the grass across from the bench Chris is sitting on. After a few pecks at the ground it turns its head and reveals a worm that it had captured. With another turn of its head it pops the worm deep into its beak and swallows it before ruffling its feathers and flying into a nearby tree. It sits perched next to a nest, faint cries of baby birds can be heard now that Chris was looking for it. Chris smiles, the bird waits a while before feeding the babies from its beak.


As the guards take statements

As the guards take statements from everyone, Seryi's able to make sure he phrases his in just such a way that it will make it clear that this was no accident. It was a targeted attack on the young woman, and that the man knew what he was trying to do.

About three weeks later, a bottle of very nice wine will be delivered to the Last Chance with his name on it. And a short note from the young woman explaining that she appreciated all he (and his friends) had done. She went on to say that her fiance had been very sweet and had already helped them both learn sign language in order to be able to communicate easily.

She ended the letter with the sincere hope that he could share the wine with the others and hopefully have some nice company for the evening. After all, they'd earned a night away from the Ramsalon Hello.

Just a quick followup for ya. :)


As the woman kicked the man

As the woman kicked the man Ailwin couldn't help but to wince a little at the sickening sound that it made. Not to mention the loud shrieks that followed it. Though, outside of his personal stance on causing lasting harm to people, he couldn't exactly blame her. Let alone judge her on the same level he judged himself.

Ailwin gave a warm smile in return. Glad to see that the woman was feeling better at least. The face that there would be lasting damage was disheartening. But at least the pain had stopped.

"Yup." He said briefly, giving a quick nod to Seryi as he turned the man upright. Though was unprepared for the punch that Seryi delivered. In turn causing his magic to break it's connection somewhat. Causing Astor to topple to the ground instead of standing upright. Though once it was apparent that the guy was unconscious it didn't matter too much that he wasn't being held anymore.

As they waited for the guards Ailwin kept an eye on the man. Being sure to do so up until the proper authorities were less busy with the crowds and thus able to take care of him.

He felt a little bit bad that there wasn't more he could do to help the woman. But overall things turned out okay. Or, better than they could have at least. "Good work everyone." He said, smiling to the others once the chaos was over. "I think I'm going to head home, but I appreciated the help."

Thank you! Despite the complications with picking a character I am quite happy I attended.


Regardless, Seryi's still

Regardless, Seryi's still more than a little cranky at the man - he really didn't want to hear the rest of the 'explanation'. Especially once it becomes clear the young woman may be permanently deaf as a result now. Cranky doesn't even begin to describe, but it takes a few minutes and some shaking of his hand out and he finally settles down enough to give his report to the guards when they show up.

"That one - if he was willing to pay for a spell to cause damage..." He nodded to the guard, "It seems reasonable to me to recommend any compensation he make at least partially come in the form of a spell to compensate for the harm he's done -" Be it healing, or the niftiest pair of bespelled earrings, the man wasn't getting out of this without paying for it.

The argument is one he'd make to a judge if needed, but without knowing if he'd be called up, he could certainly phrasing it carefully enough to the guard in his report on the incident to catch a judge's attention when it was processed. Hopefully the nudge in the report would play out well for her in the end.

aweosme, thank you ladyk! :)


People on the street start

People on the street start trying to organize lines in order to get fixed up. Za won't be the only one fixing others up (but she will definitely be the most stylish one).

Thankfully, quick action and organization by the party meant that they were able to prevent panic from taking over and causing serious injuries. Other than the young woman, the most serious injuries are a few scraped knees and a couple people with mild arrhythmia from panicking. But even they are calming down and should have no permanent problems.

It will take a few hours before everyone gets back to normal and everything is cleaned up and sorted out. But little by little the people are able to go back to normal and continue to enjoy what's left of the day. They're a little rattled, but things seem to be calming down now that everyone's able to get fixed up.

The guards that are arriving (more and more by the minute) are more than happy to take the young man into custody. They profusely thank Ailwin, Lucrezia, Seryi, and Zanvrafiel for their help. Though it's not much, their quick action also earns them all 100 silver on top of some thanks from the guards.

Thanks to some very quick action, everyone is able to look back on this as a hectic day, but not a truly horrible one. Which given Ramsalon, isn't a bad thing at all.

[The End]

That'll be the official end. Thank you all so much for coming! It was absolutely lovely to have ya'll here today! Fantastic RP! Thank you again for all the fun!


As Lucrezia sends a whole

As Lucrezia sends a whole slough of minions Za's way, the little fae lights up. Even from a distance she's seen to be cackling up a storm as the bravest few line up for the lick parade. Za of course makes a show of it, making sure that they know how to show their thanks for her incredibly generous help. The guards nearby start organizing a line for those to get through and get back to normal as quickly as possible. With this many affected, it's going to take time, and they send for some extra help from the nearest barracks.

As Lucrezia steps aside, the young woman takes aim. "Wait, no no no!" The man starts to protest. But the point of her (rather stylish) red boot connects with his nose and he shrieks in pain as blood spurts out. He grabs his broken nose and moans loudly as the young lady glares at him.

The woman looks just about ready to take him to boot town once more, when Ailwin reaches out and hands her the piglet. She looks at it curiously and stares intently at his mouth as he speaks the magic word. The slow trickle of blood stops coming out, and she opens and closes her jaw once or twice. She gives Ailwin a thumbs up and a thankful smile. The pain has clearly stopped for her, but unfortunately her hearing condition may be permanent.

During that time, Ailwin's got no problems getting the man right side up for Seryi. As he's up on his feet once more, he comes face to face with Seryi. Blood trickles down from his broken nose, and he is going to have some serious shiners. He weaves on his feet a moment. "But she..." He starts to try to justify his heinous actions to exactly the wrong man. And as Seryi's fist connects, it's the most beautiful art seen on the street that day. The man falls straight back, landing on the ground completely unconscious.



He frowned, eyebrows crinkled

He frowned, eyebrows crinkled together as he listened to the story. He nodded slowly as he absorbed that. Silencing the girl because she'd turned him down... Seryi waited for her to get her kick in if she wanted then spoke up. "Turn. Turn him back around for me, please?" He smiled at Ailwin sweetly and waited for the man to be returned right side up.

"Yes, it was dumb." He gritted out, jaw setting as well - silencing the girl was stepping on some personal protective nerves for Seryi as well as he listened to Lucrezia tear the man a new one. If this had been Moreaaiwe. If she'd been anywhere near this park for that matter... a muscle in his jaw started ticking.

Then once Lu was done telling him off fairly politely for the snap in her voice, Seryi stepped forward, put his weight behind his hips and followed through - one solid punch straight to the face.


Once the man was upside down

Once the man was upside down Ailwin decided to defer to the others as to their next course of action. He wasn't much of an ideas guy, not in the larger scope at least. So, while he did have a couple ways they could go, he decided that it'd be best to hear the others out first, since it was likely they would have a better plan than.

With that said, while most folks didn't seem all that harmed by this, the woman certainly did. So, while keeping an eye on Astor he reached into his pocket, handing a little carved pig toy to the woman as she looks at the group. "Jalel" He said, unsure if the healing provided by the spell would be enough to fix the damage to her ears, but figuring it couldn't hurt to try.


Lucrezia narrows her eyes at

Lucrezia narrows her eyes at the man, fighting the urge to smile as he begins to rotate. "You had better hope it does, and for everyone, or else we can find other ways to silence you, I promise."

She clears her throat, stepping away from the man to try and address the crowd at large. "Everyone! Everyone, please listen! I know you're confused - a spell has backfired to cause the mess. The effects should be only temporary! If you need your voice back sooner, see the small, dark fairy for assistance. We'll have his all sorted out soon!"

With that, she returns to the man just as the woman, the box, and Seryi are arriving. It takes her a moment to register than the woman can't hear as well as being unable to speak. Realizing the target of the spell, Lucrezia glares at the man with deep and avenging fire. "You loathsome, disgusting, horrible cad! I should have your insides turned out, and that's just for starters. How dare you, you fiendish worm of a man? I--"

She pauses, composing herself and taking a deep breath, affecting a warm smile for the woman and grinning at the kicking gesture. "Yes, I should think, at the very least. Please - be my guest." She curtsies and steps aside to give the woman plenty of room to wind up a shot while the man's head is still so neatly in range.


When Lucrezia presses the man

When Lucrezia presses the man, he seems to have just cracked. "It's just a standard silencing spell. It was meant for just one person for long term, but instead it was a really loud spell instead." He seems to start to panic even more as Ailwin begins to rotate him upside down. "You're already back to normal, so clearly it's not long lasting. It's all just a harmless mistake!" He said, looking positively green as he tries frantically to back his way out of this.

As Seryi explained she had no voice, the young woman sighed. It was silent, of course, but the entire thing was very clear even without sound. She nodded to show she understood that the spell affected her as it had the others. But as he asked if the young man was her fiance she shook her head. "William's my fiance. That's Astor." She scribbled on the paper before showing it to him. "Bad Ex."

With that she tore off toward him, and got right next to Lucrezia. As she did, the young man's eyes widened and he shook his head as she pointed to the box. But to everyone nearby, he's completely lying about not having done it.

"I'm sorry!" He suddenly blurts out. He buries his face in his hands as he starts to shake. "It was dumb!" The young woman watches him, but she can't see what he is saying. She instead looks over to Seryi, Lucrezia, and Ailwin and mimes kicking him in the head as it's close to shin height now. But she pauses to see what they want to do.