Vaxia Quarterly Report: March 2016

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Vaxia Quarterly Report: March 2016

Ramsalon and surrounding areas

    Despite not having as much snow fall as the previous year, winter seems to want to last a bit longer then its average length. Here and there are small signs that spring is trying to roll in. A couple of days where the weather seems warmer, the river seems flowing faster as the snow and ice in the mountains and woods start their slow thaw - but then there is a few day stretch where the temperature drops once more, even a couple more light snows here and there.
    The local farmers are starting to worry that this growing season may end up being rather short and may pose many risks to their crops.

    Word and rumors are flying around the city - the Empress and her entourage shall be returning to Shi Inkahan. Her and the Emperor have finally decided in what way they wish to handle the Ramsalon terriorty and other Vaxian contenntal holdings. They will be selecting a governor to lord over a selected terrority in their place.
    So far five candidates have become the clear forerunners for these few positions. All trying to land the coveted position in the Ramsalon territory specifically, though are high in the running for all.

      Denica Reyment - Her dwarven family has a long history with the city of Ramsalon and being one of the front runners in working on relations between the city and some of the dwarven families in the Azure Mountains close by. Much of the Reyment's wealth is in mining and agriculture.

      Aidan Hardford - The Hardfords have a very long history with Ramsalon as they can trace their linage in being part of the very founding of the city itself. Since that time they have used that as the very building stones of their vast fortune and intergration into the upper crust of the population of Ramsalon. They have survived the citie's many trumoils thanks to also their quiet and cautious nature, however now they are coming more forward in their actions as a means to try and be that potential bridge builder to help keep the city from loosing itself.

      Zhi Zhao - The Zhao family has a long and proud history of having the honor to be among some of the very first nobility in the youth of the Shi Inkahan Empire. While they do pride themselves on their families rather lucrative and for the most part successful history, the family has also fallen into some harder times as of late. Zhi is hoping that the present opportunity can be the redemption for his family's name.

      Li Choi - She is perhaps the oldest one of the group running for this position, but she is someone that is not to be underestimated. The Choi family are very new to the noble court of Shi Inkahan, and Li was the driving force behind their ascension. Her family was responsible for taking a tiny little fishing village that was slowly dying and turning it into one of Shi Inkahan's prime fish trade areas.

      Serisse Isha - Isha family have done well for themselves among the nobility in Ramsalon. Until the fall of the Vaxian Empire, they were well known to be trendsetters and the envy of many social engagements. They were using their various social activities as a means to arrange alliances with other noble families, especially those higher up as a way to try and increase their own standing. Being one of the families to have survived the War and even navigating through a scandal involving her brother having killed another notable noble, Lady Isha is hoping to make a show of she can best represent Ramsalon as she is one to have suffered similar parallels to the city.

    With this new fervor for the families all competing to win the most politically prevalent positions possible, word has also started spreading that come within the year the project to rebuild the portal to Ish Lavin will begin.

    There hasn't been much news to come from the Wood Clan and their trial held by the Elven Alliance. Though there have been some rumors being murmured at the outposte that many of the old leadership are being banished as a way to satisfy the Elven Alliance Council and be able to let the clan stay in the Alliance.
    Some of this has been given weight by some indications as the Elven Alliance is sending in more representatives from other clans in the Alliance with some actions that have hinted at the possibility of demilitarizing the Outpost and turning it into its original idea - a neutral embassy. A few of these representatives have been coming to the city and talking with various mercenary companies, which have only served to fuel the gossip.

GHOUL and Victory City

    Aside from the usual growing pains as Victory City was annexed into being part of GHOUL, things have been oddly quiet. Not much news other then the occasional announcement of plans for projects to help increase safety and further solidify the integration of Victory City it seems the Council of GHOUL have been in a kind of saving face mode.

    There is gossip abound of some internal hunt for a couple of missing council members whom haven't been seen since shortly after Shi Inkahan's victory over the Vaxian Empire. This has caused some distress in certain circles, as word is that activity in Iskrania has started to become a bit hostile towards those that are supportive of GHOUL in anyway - with reports of GHOUL representatives that are sent to Iskrania ending up violently killed and put on display. There are also rumors that these groups in Iskrania have operatives working out of Ramsalon as well.
    Some are beginning to fear that maybe the churches were not all wiped out as thought and have started to take back what is theirs and plan a retaliation. Others fear that perhaps they had those overly loyal to the ousted Vaxian Empire and possibly had been taken out by Shi Inkahan, or have fled to plot with the Vaxian Empire. While many residents of GHOUL and VC just count it as exaggerated gossip, it has been putting a dent in some projects and political relationships.