Letter left for Seryi at the Last Chance

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Letter left for Seryi at the Last Chance

Seryi would find waiting for him with the bar staff of the Last Chance a thick letter. It was made out of high quality parchment kind of ivory in color, folded over thrice with a vibrant crimson colored and wide ribbon wrapped around it. Over it was a wax seal, half red half black, and stamped in it seemed to be the very symbol he saw on Smoke's outfit the last he ran into her.

Once opened he would find in some rather neatly printing type handwriting a message.

"I am told you would like to meet with me on a bit of a matter of some trouble that has been hassling some of our lovely Ramsalonian streets for some time."

"Needless to say my curiosity is invoked. Come find my flag ship parked out in the docks. Near it is a place we can chat. Not too public, but not too private if you are so inclined. You can't miss it."

There is no signature, but once again that symbol, from the contents and the emblem its can be safely infered that this came from Crimson herself.

OOC: Just putting this up in case you are still interested in chasing that thread. Sorry for the wait on it though.

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Very interested - just had to

Very interested - just had to resurface enough to be able to follow up on it ...