Discussion: Treating 'Family' Groups of items similar to tech languages.

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Discussion: Treating 'Family' Groups of items similar to tech languages.

What is meant by 'Family' Groups - in part because I forgot if we had a term for it, in other part from how they have been described.
These are effectively a group of items which are considered to be part of a family due to a set of similarities.
Currently the items that would fall under this category are things like weapons and instruments.

Now how does the sirian tech lingos relate?
For a refresher: http://untoldpaths.com/forums/sirian-tech-languages
Most importantly: http://untoldpaths.com/comment/157850#comment-157850
The tech of sirian is assigned to the culture of which created it
This creates broad family groups in regards to tech
Gives a way to determine how proficient one is with a specific family affects the game mechanics (instead of being a binary - you can use/you can't use it)

    Unfamiliar - adds +40 to target diff
    Familiar - adds +20 to target diff
    Proficient - no extra diff

This has been working rather well in that regard and I would to put forth the idea of having that system be applied to other elements of the system that can be easily adapted to it.

In this case: weapon groups and instrument groups
(These are the current two I can think of, so if I missed any feel free to bring them up)

I think with all the changes we have made so far in trying to make no difference mechanically between physical and magic/psi that this change would address some of the gaps/issues we have remaining.

In general we are aiming skills to be built more around themes rather then one specific thing - this is due to it is much easier to get the required three aspects in, and further solidifies that it doesn't matter if its physical or magical - its about the end result goal and your rp. It all works the same - period.

Also currently the only way to learn how to use a new weapon - is to learn a new skill.
This has become truly unfair due to magic skills that can do dmg also now can make use of weapon bonuses

Currently magic skills aren't listing a family group - something admittedly overlooked as we was worrying too much of balancing other things. Now that is seeming fine we can worry about this before it becomes a problem.
However to name a specific group in the skill itself may make it sound like its doing more even when its not.

Also weapons and skill relations are kind of binary - can use or can't use

However if we move to treat weapon groups (and other elements that use a family type grouping) that will resolve this, plus it wil (hopefully) lead even more to the trend of describe physical combat skills by fighting style - which would make it a bit more in line with how we are seeing magic skills so they will start feeling more similar in that aspect.

It will also give SHs and players a better way to have some fun in some situations - as currently there is a bit of fear of screwing over a player completely if certain events were to happen.

Also we can just make unarmed a family group (it can be like in the fist/brawling weapons category) which won't force those wanting to be more physical in nature to always have to make an unarmed skill - rather its another avenue.

I think really the hardest part will be designated the groups - we don't wanna be too broad and don't wanna be too narrow.
In this case as well I think it is ok to have a lot - and with some overlapping.

Another thing to consider - pending how hard it would be to code - is maybe putting a cap on it if we are concerned of this idea being potentially being too much and may take away the desire to make new skills - but for the most part I don't think that is the case esp if we consider allowing more then 1 to start proficient with (2 to 3 being the likely ideal range).

Anyways thoughts?

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Very cool!

I think this has the potential to be really really awesome. It'll require some tweaking to designate the groups (as you've mentioned), but I think that once we get some groups and start testing, it'll end up being really helpful.

As with the possibility of adding aspects, I really like what this change can open up in terms of how we're able to RP here. :) I think that having a similar system to the tech languages will also help the two settings feel mechanically closer which can help folks bridge between them more easily (especially when starting out and learning to play).

So I am very very excited to see how this might go. :D And if there's anything I can do to help work out some groups, please let me know.