Clarifying Crowd Control Effects

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Clarifying Crowd Control Effects

So we have discussed on how some crowd control (CC) effects can be done in a more 'permanent' manner

This is about more temporary effects that aim to remove a target for a short duration from acting.

These are often referred to as crowd control (cc) or incapacitation effects (IE, knocking them out, quick distraction, polymorphs, stuns, etc).

For the most part this doesn't really change how they have been handled in game, other then we are firmly clarifying what they are and standardizing the ruling.

Base Diff will be determined by the exact means of trying to control the target - just like the usual combat rules

  • When trying to stun someone unconscious though physical means, then diffs would be the target's End and Str
  • When trying to distract someone with like a lie or mental effect then the diffs would be the target's Int and Cha
  • And so on

PP/7 will determine how many rounds the effect will last.

Target will have a chance to try and break the effect early:

  • The diff will be 25 + PP generated of the CC effect (adapting hardcore rules as they are similar enough)
  • Stats used to break free will depend on the nature of the CC (just like the usual combat rules)


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I like!

Again something we've been missing but which has an obvious place in a number of sessions when you want to incapacitate someone without either a) killing them or b) trying to do their entire LIF score in damage in a single round. I like this model, and pairing it with the Stay Conscious mechanic should make it easy to remember :)