2016 - 2017 System to Do List

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2016 - 2017 System to Do List

Hello, looks like I will be your acting System Lead for the 2016 to 2017 term.

Business Models
Figure out what would be gained from owning a business
Modular model to allow for many forms of play
Modular model to allow for potential econ changes in the future in regards to character employment and silver gains
May have similar outcome to certain ranks in regards to what is gained (ie unique items)
If needed - Cost conversions for play (avoiding awesome toys for no work)

Wrap up the Rank and Reputation System
Last chunk is working with Setting as they look at how it manifests in the game and double checking the work to reward ratio for players.

Take a look at Buffing/Debuffing in the game
Clarifying how they work providing a source to refer in the wiki
Duration, stacking, types, removal, etc.

Improve references on how our game stats work
Clarifying the like opposes like rule of thumb to help streamline the process of figuring out what to roll for an action.

Looking into establishing better baseline references for the use of high and lower difficulties
Finding ways to help better judge when to use higher or lower diffs
Establishing Baseline tiers to help be able to group or describe what to expect
Establish baseline tiers for NPCs to help give A/SHs an idea on how to craft their NPCs and what players can expect out of certain NPCs
Establish baseline tiers for organizations to help manage expectations and how to incorporate then into sessions
Will be key in part of the establishment of the 'Quest Boards' for Organizations in the future

This is just my initial list.
Please post below if there is something System should look into