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Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

Otherwise, the same Site Policies apply in Limbo that apply elsewhere: Be nice.


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hugs sleep well! with many kitten piles.


and now the large one has begun to Glare At Me... ;P so i should probably get some sleep here snugs


yep lol


ahhh the "very well human being if you're going to be That oblivious - you are bed now here"


well he starts at like 2 with much meowing, then an hour later he just leaps into lap and drapes himself as he likes

its like well if you won't go to bed, I will just sleep here then


it adorable.... if annoying ;P


ah yes the meows of 'get thee to bed my pillow XD'

nimby gets upset if I am not in bed by 3


plays with the beans yeah, i had a cat just... Laying on me until maddy went to bed here ;-/ now i'm being glared at to go join him


opp and now he is awake and crawling on me


awwww - is a good kitty :)


I did that and he murred at me


awwwwww - *snuggles through the blanket


and nimby is still under the blanket lol




mmm as it turns out - very carefully and easy on the dressing? ;P


how do you put a scarf on a salad?


purrs i am mid salad scarfing then will be posting and stuffs ;P


blinks at the nostril


.... Ok - y'know what? I'll bite.

Come! join me in the hell raiser realm a la holofic!


In Sirian, there is a small metal puzzlebox, half done, sitting on the floor at Holographic Rooms.

Want to add some suggestions? Click here.


places nostril on top of the zebra



pokes tentacles untl cats come out




hugs sleep well!


so uh... that's a no then ;P blood sacrifice to the project gods! ;P

(ok i gots to get some sleep here i think - snugs catch y' laters)


lmao, well considering how many times I finish a stitch by just pull my thumb back wit the needle jammed in it XD


or a row of pins to mark the line? depending on how tolerant you are of getting stabbed :P


yeah I may have some pale blue chalk somewhere,


anything liquid is gonna just... sit in there, pencil might also be brushable out


or color matched chalk rather