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hrm, should see if I have any of my old drafting pencil sets.

I could use marker but the felt is white and bleeding would be an issue.


I want to know what magic

I want to know what magic pencils these people are using to make nice light and clear lines on their bead backing... cuz mine hate me... lol


Yeah also alot of elitism,

Yeah also alot of elitism, and considering the perspective it comes from, very colonial (I mean just look at how many places treat your basic chinese food joint, and heaven forbid the restaurant actually charges a bit more then people expect...)


a lot of those are really...

a lot of those are really... just bad? like touristy as fuck and not actually digging into the people and culure - his stuff is the only one of that category i enjoy watching - the rest just feel ew to me




yeah I never got much into the whole travel food thing.
Dunno why, cuz its weird I do like the great british bake off, but most other type of things its like eh XD


ahhhh yeah - he's a celebrity

ahhhh yeah - he's a celebrity chef, but one of the few that really highlighted the working class and origins of food. like - amazingly well and humanely as a white guy coming to ethnic cuisine and other countries... to learn without making it skeevy or appropriating. i recommend his travelogues but ... later - right now is probably not a good time for it


hahah that is a good one

hahah that is a good one

though I feel weird cuz I have no idea who the guy is >.>
though the news has been everywhere.

been trying to avoid it, cuz after Chester.... yeahh....


ahhhhhhh LOL - yeah i think i

ahhhhhhh LOL - yeah i think i HAVE smelled that one

i didn't know which one did it but I did know i didn't wanna be in that side of the house anymore :P




Arthur could outstink Tasha's old kitty farts

which was impressive,


LOL jasmine was looking

LOL jasmine was looking rather guilty though - she's got power ;) iv've realized one of the reasons it's just so potent in the office is b/c we're on the same vent line - which uh... wow do i know when something happens and fast




destroyed the litterbox?!


stares forlornly into the

stares forlornly into the hallway oh dear god i don't know which one of them destroyed the litterbox... and i don't want t o findo ut... but... i may need to... cause wow. just wow.


LOL and cats

LOL and cats
never forget the cats - i mean it's pussies one way or the other right?