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There are porn versions of every popular movie since.... Pirates of the Caribbean.


That's sad when the porn versions are better than the actual movie.




I don't wanna know


The xmen ones really can't get any worse, the porn versions are even better XD


I just feel like i'm gonna be the old man in the theaters with my kids watching the reboots of all our favorite movies and just "the originals were better"


yeah letting Ryan Renolds take the reigns for the Deadpool stuff was like the best choice Fox ever made with the marvel material they had

I am going to be rather sad when New Mutants comes out though ><


I do plan on watching it, just not sure when I'll be able to do it. lol


haha that works too. It really is a good movie though whenever you do get to see it.


Eh, I have bad luck with those. I'll just get it on iTunes. :D tee hee


You fiend! I kid though, I've done it too. As long as you got a good quality rip.


Maybe.... >.> <.< >.>


pirate it or something lol


I fast forward through credits. :P


I'll save you some time at the end credits scene, there are two, once the second one is done there are more credits but nothing after that. So if you like to sit and see who made it etc cool, but if not then yeah once that second is done, its just credits.


I can't imagine anyone else as Deadpool!

I haven't seen the second one, so no spoilers! :P


Ryan Renolds as Deadpool gives me life


lol, thankfully it was the electronic kind and not the canned kind


That is the absolutely worst "pocolypse" I've heard of. holds nose Spam be stinky.


falls over

oh my gods... last night I saw the spampocolypse....




I just have a lot on my mind. So much to process and decide and my brain is starting to turn to moosh.


squishing brains is not very helpful to brains :p


slithers along the floor So much on the brain


lays on floor


hides the tar. Spits out feathers.


stares at fluffy pillows. In a flash of light, feathers everywhere, pillows nowhere, and a moogle in the middle.


plants flowers for the squashings


Gives Keshana fluffy pillows!