Welcome to Vaxia


Vaxia is an online role-playing game inspired by pen & paper RPGs like D&D. There is combat, equipment, stats, and virtual dice. But, more importantly, it's a community of storytellers who have come together to participate in a shared fictional world that they've made together. As a player, you create a character (or characters) who become a part of this shared world. Actually, that should be "worlds." Vaxia offers a fantasy setting as well as a separate sci-fi setting. The game is played in your browser and is entirely text-based. Yup, no shiny graphics, but there's a reason for that. In Vaxia there are no limitations to the level of interactivity or detail.

You start by creating a character. Not just a name and some stats, but a person with a history and personality. You even create their skills. You'll also find a very handy guide that will help you throughout character creation. You can also get help from other players in our out-of-character chatroom, Limbo.

So let's assume you have a character and it's time to give them a spin. The in-game world is broken up into locations, each one has its own page similar to a chatroom. At the top of each location is a description, a list of adjacent locations, and a list on any players currently in the location. On the location screen is a log of the recent posts made in the location. You select which character you want to post as and in the "Post" box you write out what your character does, says and thinks, kinda like if you were writing a book about them. Your post shows up at the top of the location log where it'll be seen by the other players, who'll respond with posts of their own.

There are also "Story Hosts" (or SHs for short). An SH is a special kind of player who brings events and danger into the world. Whether it's the fall of an empire or a haunting at an orphanage, the SH will narrate the action, including the results of your dice rolls. Put more plainly, if the regular players play the main characters, the SHs play the world.

Anyone who has been around for a while can become an SH if they are willing to learn the ins and outs of being an SH, which brings us to the final thing that Vaxia is. Vaxia is a labor of love. You'll never be asked to pay a penny and will never see an advertisement on Vaxia as it's run entirely on donations.

Thanks for reading. We hope to see you in-character!

To learn how to get started, visit the tutorials page: http://vaxia.org/wiki/help and https://vimeo.com/channels/744362

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